Select Games From December Classic Day 2, 12/9/23

*If you would like us to post one of your games, send us a PGN file from or, or hand in a scoresheet at the end of any tournament.

Josh Pinchuk vs. Billy Zifchak

A solid game lost by an unfortunate blunder. Josh kept things tight with 96% accuracy. Though Billy’s strong opening earned him 85%, it wasn’t enough to make up the loss of his knight, and the defense quickly came apart.

Tom Nassisi vs. Kareem Khan

Tom and Kareem had great battle! Tom unfortunately was a move late for a nasty queen pin, and Kareem ultimately took the win with well connected rooks.

Peter Graham vs. Kareem Khan

An incredible performance from Kareem (91% accuracy!) even though Peter took this game with the masterful (96%!) utilization of his off-beat Polish opening. Great job by both!

Billy Zifchak vs. Anna Kupchik

A wild game for Billy and Anna. He stumbled his way through an English opening, while she did a great job coordinating pieces, and taking an early lead with lots of pressure down the middle of the board. Billy weaseled out of a cramped position with a discovered attack on Anna’s queen which turned the tables, but Anna held on to move 52!

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