Games from Nov. 4th Rapid, Board #1

The 5 games below are from Board #1 at the Piermont Chess Club November 4th Rapid G/25+5, imported from DGT software. Thanks to Stephane Derveaux for providing the board and the PGN files.

Aleksenko vs. Graham, Piermont 11/4/23

Delabre vs. Graham, Piermont 11/4/23

Derveaux vs. Delabre, Piermont 11/4/23

Levy vs. Burns, Piermont 11/4/23

Derveaux vs. Levy, Piermont 11/4/23

More Games from the Nov 4th Rapid

Here are some more games transcribed from players score sheets. (Forgive any mistakes due to illegibility! Feel free to submit corrections.)

If you would like your games posted too, hand in your score sheets at tournaments, or send a PGN file to We can also include your thoughts and ideas about key moves in the annotations if you include those as well!

Zifchak vs. Aleksenko, Piermont 11/4/23

Pinchuk vs. Zifchak, Piermont 11/4/23

Burns vs. Pinchuk, Piermont 11/4/23