Who are you?

We are a handful of competitive chess players and enthusiasts who volunteer to host a space for individuals who would like to play chess in person.

We are goods friends with The Rockland County Chess Club based in Nyack, New York, with whom we regularly collaborate and share a USCF affiliation in order to host official tournaments.

Who can attend?

Anyone. All ages. All skill levels.

On average, adults fill our ranks, but we try to make everyone very comfortable and children and teens are always welcome. Everyone is REALLY nice. Seriously. Astoundingly nice. It’s a very positive space. We dispel the idea of the stuffy chess club.

When and where do you meet?

We meet Saturdays @ 10am at The Piermont Community Center located at
204 Hudson Terrace, Piermont, NY 10968
We play from 10am and begin wrapping up around 1pm. Come by at ANY time, and stay along as you like. The door is always open. You will not be interrupting or disturbing anyone.

What do you do?

We play chess! Our goal is to provide an encouraging space to socialize, and improve at chess by playing over the board with real people!

We also host tournaments, both UNRATED & USCF RATED. Some even have cash prizes!

We don’t usually have classes or lectures, though we may have some presentations from time to time. Here you’ll learn by playing, and discussing the games you play with the other club members, and hopefully just having lots of fun.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We provide it all, but you’re very welcome to bring your own sets and clocks for casual games. You may bring your own equipment for tournaments as well, but it is not necessary. There are some specifications if you choose to do so. Check the Tournament Guidelines.

You may also bring food and drinks. We usually have water, coffee, and snacks.

If anything….bring your FRIENDS!!! Chess doesn’t work without people! And we want them all to love chess!

Is there any cost?

There is NO charge or membership fee to attend our casual chess events, though donations are very welcome.  We can’t thank the PAL Piermont Community Center, and the village of Piermont enough for providing such an exceptional space for free. Unrated tournaments are also free.

To cover the cost of reporting USCF ratings, rated tournaments generally require a modest registration fee.  This also allows us to offer cash prizes, and helps us supply and maintain our chess equipment.

All tournament directors, arbiters, and staff are USCF certified, and are volunteers.

Where can I learn more?

If you would like weekly updates on activities and events, including tournament registrations, sign up for our weekly newsletter emails. You can also contact us via email at piermontchess@gmail.com, on Facebook and Instagram. And always check back here at piermontchess.com for regular posts, updates, and info.

Hope to see you there!