Tournament Registration

Welcome! We try to have at least one rated and one exhibition event each month. The open listings are below.

Tournaments open for Registration:


Saturday, @ 10am



Saturday, February 24th @ 10am

Blitz G/5+3 8SS, NO USCF required, no fee

Online registration ends 2.24.2024 @ 9am

To become a member of USCF, sign up at

How to read a listing

Hypothetical listing: “Rapid G/25+5 4SS, USCF membership required, $10 entry fee -$15 late/onsite, Prizes ($100 b/12) $60/$40 U1000”

Rapid – This is the category of time control, or the general length of the game. (Others include: bullet (very fast), blitz (fast), and classical (slow). Rapid is average).

G/25+5 – This is the time control. G/25 means “game in 25 minutes.” In this time control, each player gets 25 minutes plus a bonus 5 seconds added to the clock with each move. (Other common controls: “G/25 d5” where “d5” means “delay 5 seconds before counting down” and “G/25 SD” indicating “sudden death.” A straight timer with no delay or bonus.)

4SS – This is the number of rounds (4) and the style of the tournament. All of our events are “SS” which stands for Swiss-System in which everyone plays in every round; if you win, you play other players who have won & if you lose, you play other players who lost, etc. A win = 1 point, a loss = 0 points, a draw = 1/2 point.

USCF required– This indicates an official United States Chess Federation rated tournament and you MUST have an ACTIVE membership with USCF in order to play, whereas unrated events are open to anyone.

Entry Fee – Payment is required to play. Sorry, no refunds. If you miss the early registration cutoff, late registration fees will apply. This can be done online (until 1 hour before the event) or on-site at the club. If you register at the club, you must pay CASH before the first round.

Prizes ($100 b/12) – This is the amount of the total prize fund. “b/12” indicates the prize fund is based on 12 players registering. The fund may go up or down, without notice, according to the number of registered players. An announcement will be made at the start of the event.

$60/$40 U1000 – This is the prize split. In this case, $60 to first place & $40 to the best scoring player rated under 1000.

Contact us if you have any further questions.