Selection of Games from the final day of the December Classic Tournament

It was yet again a dramatic day of top notch chess with some major upsets, and well deserved wins by many players.

Artem Aleksenko vs. Ron Lopez

In the epic final match for first place, Artem and Ron dueled for almost 2hrs and 30 minutes. The critical move was 31…Qa2 when it appears Ron missed a better tactic and gave away his advantage with a losing trade. Artem entered the endgame up a rook and ultimately received Ron’s resignation.

Kareem Khan vs. Billy Zifchak

Kareem did it again! We told everyone to watch out for him. Billy was ahead out of the opening capturing a second knight with his queen, but this left her in a very precarious position. Carelessly, Billy castled and allowed a devastating discovered attack on move 13. Though Billy pressed on, Kareem carefully squeezed his advantage and there was nothing to be done to stop him. ranked Kareem’s move 13. Bxh7+ as a “brilliant” move, reported an overall accuracy of 80% for his game, and said he played as if ranked 1050. Well done.

Joe Burns vs. Josh Pinchuk

This was a very competitive game! Josh played an aggressive response to Joe’s Ruy Lopez opening and developed a strong attack in the middle game. Black had white on the back foot with a slight material and positional advantage but let it slip with 34…Rxg2+. Joe played well above his rank to get to the end game where he was able to turn the tables. *transcribed from notation, some moves at the end may be missing or inaccurate

*If you would like us to post one of your games, send a PGN file from or to, or hand in a scoresheet at the end of any tournament.

Select Games From December Classic Day 2, 12/9/23

*If you would like us to post one of your games, send us a PGN file from or, or hand in a scoresheet at the end of any tournament.

Josh Pinchuk vs. Billy Zifchak

A solid game lost by an unfortunate blunder. Josh kept things tight with 96% accuracy. Though Billy’s strong opening earned him 85%, it wasn’t enough to make up the loss of his knight, and the defense quickly came apart.

Tom Nassisi vs. Kareem Khan

Tom and Kareem had great battle! Tom unfortunately was a move late for a nasty queen pin, and Kareem ultimately took the win with well connected rooks.

Peter Graham vs. Kareem Khan

An incredible performance from Kareem (91% accuracy!) even though Peter took this game with the masterful (96%!) utilization of his off-beat Polish opening. Great job by both!

Billy Zifchak vs. Anna Kupchik

A wild game for Billy and Anna. He stumbled his way through an English opening, while she did a great job coordinating pieces, and taking an early lead with lots of pressure down the middle of the board. Billy weaseled out of a cramped position with a discovered attack on Anna’s queen which turned the tables, but Anna held on to move 52!