March 12th Results!

Congratulations to Ryan for winning the March 12th Open event, and to Chris for winning Under 1400. Here are some puzzles based on March 12 games.

Help Artem (playing White) avoid checkmate on move 6!

How can Johanna win material and total control of the center in this position?

Josh found himself under assault in King’s Gambit against Ryan. What is the best (and most aggressive) continuation here for Black

Rapid Results February 26th

Congratulations to Ron for winning the Feb 26th Rapid! You can find complete standings here

Intense battles raged throughout the tournament. Tim played an excellent game, surprising Josh in the Vienna. Can you find a move for Tim here to provide the decisive advantage?

Artem found a way to escape with a win from a lost position in the English:

Seth earned the win in this game by launching a devastating attack. Can you find a key move to put the pressure on Black?

There were 11 games recorded from the tournament, and you may find your game here